As a lifelong adult hobbyist, making it almost 15 years in the making, Danny has been keeping Saltwater for quite some time. As one of the biggest passions in his life in 2014 he combined that with his second biggest passion, photography and videography.
The aim was simple, use photography, videography and a reporting style to deliver aquatic industry news to fellow hobbyists in an impartial way.
Danny had come to realise over his many years of reefing that when advice or experience was needed, shops could quite often push their own agenda and so he wanted to create a platform that was established by a hobbyist and for hobbyists that delivered a no bars opinion on aquatic products, news and developments.
Only a few short years later, DansReef has grown into not only one of the UKs largest aquatic new outlets, but also one of the largest in Europe and the rest of the World.
DansReef.co.uk as a platform across YouTube, Facebook, the Website and Instagram now reaches on average 100,000 views every month from every corner of the globe.
Danny continues to pride himself on delivering impartial review and opinion whilst also delivering small education videos aimed at introducing new people into the hobby.