The market is flooded with aquarium additives products from just about every brand known to hobbyists today. Everybody wants a slice of that Alkalinity, Calcium and Magnesium pie and so it can be pretty hard to set one out from the rest.

Recently (in the UK) however, i noticed a new product emerge called Quantum. Immediately the sleek black packaging caught my eye and over the coming weeks my beady glance stayed focussed upon it watching how it evolved.

I became fascinated by the way that Quantums leading Chemist and the UK rep worked together and how much energy they shared and gave to customers, that it made me NEED to look further.

Dimitrios, the Australian qualified Chemist behind Quantum and Alex, our UK rep and distributor sat down for a grilling by DansReef and this is what they had to say …

Dimitrios, where did Quantum come from, why the name and what’s the company ethos?

Quantum originated from ‘Ultimate Aquacare’ which had a unique ‘Q’ logo; we loved the logo so much that we took it and turned it into a brand. Quantum is often associated with complexity (Quantum Chemistry, Quantum Mechanics etc.) but we believe in turning complex chemistry into simple products. We understand that no products are ‘magical’; we focus on science and ensuring our products do as they say. We have a simple recipe – release products that work as directed, don’t overprice products, use only the finest quality ingredients available and help hobbyists to the best of our ability. We treat our products like an extension of ourselves and our customers like family


How did you design and come up with Quantum? 

Quantum isn’t the figure of my imagination; as a family we have designed the brand and as an industry we have developed it to suit the needs of hobbyists. We listen to feedback and respect customers; instead of spending hundreds of thousands of dollars into market research we have such good connection with our customers that they feel comfortable enough to tell us what they want. We then take that feedback and develop products based on their needs.


How is it different to similar products on the market? 

Good question, our salts are the world first ‘Macro Probiotic Salts’ which we have 4 salts for the 4 major environments (LPS Dominant, Mixed Reef, SPS Dominant & FOWLR). Next our phosphate remover is able to remove both the ionic & chemically bound phosphate simultaneously, our nitrate removers (high range & low range) do not promote that nuisance pink/white bio-bac slime. We have 3 aragonite products, they have a unique mixture of ionic & complexed (non-nitrogenous) cations (positively charged elements) whereas most products on the market only have ionic. The complexed cations contain a source of energy which will not promote algae growth. Next our 4 colouring supplements are incredibly easy to use and provide the full spectrum of elements including Boron, Bromide, Iron, Iodide, Manganese, Potassium & much more needed by coral to improve colour. Bio-Enhance is our flagship product; it is a complete Protein, Amino Acid, Carbohydrate, Fatty Acid & Vitamin supplement (with some extras we don’t reveal) which does not need refrigeration & can be used on a dosing pump


Dimitrios how long have you been in the hobby? 

My parents bought me my first fish tank at 4 years old, I had no idea what I was doing but I was interested in them because my Dad was. Absolutely loved it, we were hobbyists on & off for about 10 years until starting Quantum (formerly Ultimate Aquacare) back in 2009

Alex and the Quantum goodies.

Alex how long have you been in the hobby?

I Have been in the reef hobby relatively a short time i just over 6 years and ive been in the trade just over 2 and a half years, Ive kept fish in general for a very long time i think i got my first fish from a tiny fair near where i lived at the time and we were the typical bad fish people put the goldfish in a bucket of water.. and assumed it would live.. i remember it really well we put it in the outside as i was devastated it was dead the next day i believe now to be the fact we didnt have any tap safe.. We all start somewhere..


Dimitrios London or New York? 



Alex Marvel or DC?

I am Groot.


Is Quantum a regime (i.e Triton, ATI) or can people use products stand alone? 

Quantum is both; we are a comprehensive brand but you can also use other products with it provided you are getting all the needed elements. We aren’t here to force people to use our products, try whichever ones you want and if you want to run the full range you are more than capable to do so


Dimitrios what’s your favourite Coral? 

Montipora Capricornis


Alex Star Wars or Star Trek?

Star Wars! Every… Single.. Day.. of the week.. Captain Picard is just not my captain.. I would follow Solo till the end..


Dimitrios whats your favourite fish? 

Sailfin Tang


Alex your Quantum’s UK representative, what made you want to be involved?

Ha.. So i can talk to Dimi for hours on end and get a decent Aussie accent.. . Ok.. Ok.. So if your looking for a serious answer. I actually wanted to be in distribution and wholesale before i got into retail at blue lake aquatics.


Dimitrios, what your number 1 tip to reefkeepers? 

Treat it like a hobby not a lifetime investment. Patience and consistency is key


Alex what’s your favourite Coral?

Gonipora.. Its like Polyp Extension Level 9000!!



Alex what’s your favourite fish?

Moorish idol i got 2 when i first started the shop for the display tank as i was told they did well in pairs they bickered and i ended up splitting them and selling one on they both did really really well and mine i kept for well over a year until the display tank couldn’t progress because the corals were getting picked at.. i sold him on to a customer that had been oggling over him since i bought him.. i’ve actually recently heard that he’s just died and I’m still quite sad.. i would like to get another one but at the moment i dont currently have a marine tank until i get the Quantum Uk Display tank up and running which wont be for some time.


Alex, what your number 1 tip to reefkeepers?

Seen as though its summer my number 1 tip is something i see people regret every single autumn… DON’T Neglect your tanks now during the summer only to have spend double the amount of time, effort and money on fixing the problems caused by lack of proper maintenance.


If you want to read more about Quantum you can take a look at the UK website here

Or check them out on Facebook

As a lifelong adult hobbyist, making it almost 15 years in the making, Danny has been keeping Saltwater for quite some time. As one of the biggest passions in his life in 2014 he combined that with his second biggest passion, photography and videography.