One of the ‘newest’ things we’ve done here on the DansReef website, is featured some of the best known and most respected faces within Reef Keeping. We’ve had some incredible people so far, with some really incredible people yet to come!

Something were missing though is the bread and butter of the hobby and the very thing that us fish keepers cant do without.

Week in, week out we visit our local fish stores. We seek advice from those who work there, we congregate and converse with like minded people inside. We make friends and we relax in a place that most of us probably spend several hours per visit. Our local fish stores are one of the most pivotal and important aspects of our hobby as without them, we have no hobby and supporting them is so very, very important.

I decided that something that DansReef should do is celebrate those stores who are ‘good’. Im sure you’ve all heard many horror stories about those stores you should avoid but people are all to quick to moan when its bad but seldom shout and smile when its good! As of now DansReef is launching Fish Store Spotlight, a series aimed at giving you a tour of those ‘special‘ stores and the ones that you really MUST visit!

Kraken Corals (Unit 3, Cunliffe Court, Clayton Le Moors. Lancashire, BB5 5JG) are a thorough deserving contender for our first visit and when you peer inside you’ll see why.

Dominic and Chelle have created a hospitable and warming store that welcomes EVERYBODY who visits. One of the things i struggle with on visits is, after being inside for so long, Mrs DansReef gets bored and little DansReef wants to go home and play with toys. Well here at Kraken the kettle is almost always warm, there is a dedicated space for children to sit and colour, the drinks cupboard is full AND they have sweets (even for the adults if your an overgrown infant like me).


It’s this kind of hospitable welcome that makes you want to venture deeper inside.

The well laid out and easy to navigate layout makes shopping a pleasure and on every encounter Dominic has been nothing short of a gentleman. No question or request is ever too much and his social media/online presence (which i think in 2017 is very important) is one of the greatest.

Overall the shop is beautiful. A brilliantly vinyled example of an Evolution Aqua display tank highlights some of the stock available.

5 Coral Bays display some of the finest hard and soft corals available and you’ll regularly find unusual and stunning fish from a variety of different families. A fellow YouTuber picked up a nice Achilles example from here not too long ago for those who remember.

RO & Pre mixed sater water is also always available with an industry best standard of 000 TDS, Dominic and Chelle are committed to ensuring only the best leaves the door.

Overall this is a fantastic establishment, welcoming, it will fill your belly and empty your wallet while occupying the children and giving the better half something warm to drink.

Not only do they have an excellent retail store they ALSO have an online store. The greatest thing about the online store is everything is linked to the in store retail stock. If something gets bought in store, it goes through the till and voila, online stock is updated! This means there are no unexpected and unwanted ”sorry we ran out” emails to come AFTER your order! –

Did i mention they also have a reward point scheme!

This store has everything you’d come to want and need from a local fish store and so it must be said Kraken Corals, well done!

If you want to see more you can check them out on Facebook here:

or visit them in person at Unit 3, Cunliffe Court, Clayton Le Moors. Lancashire, BB5 5JG.

Happy Reef keeping.

As a lifelong adult hobbyist, making it almost 15 years in the making, Danny has been keeping Saltwater for quite some time. As one of the biggest passions in his life in 2014 he combined that with his second biggest passion, photography and videography.